MK Restaurants

We bring the world's best flavors in Laos!

MK Restaurants, one of Thailand’s most famous suki chains, has been serving Thai consumers for more than twenty years, and has now come to Vientiane.

MK Restaurants was the first Suki chain to use electric Suki pots at every table, And thus abandons the dangerous gas stoves.

MK Restaurants also introduced an innovative serving plate called “condo” to alleviate the problem of limited table-top space. The great taste of MK’s suki and the enjoyment customers get out of cooking their own food at their own table appeal to all age groups, from children and teens to adults and seniors.

The high concentration of vegetables combined with quality cuts of meats and seafood as main ingredients – all boiled rather than fried – has allowed suki to capitalise on the growing trend of healthier eating among the population at large.

  MK Restaurant Laos