We bring the world's best flavors in Laos!

A true institution in Japan, the DAISO concept is based on the single-price product model, "100 yen Shop", which looks more and more like department stores.

DAISO’s success, in such a competitive business environment, is something that no other company is able to imitate. It is based on three values of Quality, Variety, and Uniqueness.” These three strengths are the pillars of DAISO’s success.

In Japan, DAISO have an independently developed and wide-ranging product lineup; high-quality products that are recognized not only in Japan, but all around the world; and low prices that are made possible by its large network of stores.

Indeed, the brand sometimes offers several thousand references in the same store.

This brand with 2,500 stores has successfully exported its model worldwide, including Laos in 2017.

  Daiso Laos