We bring the world's best flavors in Laos!

MIYAZAKI JAPANESE TEPPAN DINING is a Japanese Teppanyaki style restaurant that artfully cooks meal on a sizzling hot surface, for customers to view, by professionally trained chef.

Our chefs are skillful experts who meticulously select the freshest ingredients with the highest quality. This is so that our customers get to taste the softest sizzling beef, freshest vegetables blended in luscious flavors, topped with warm Dashi soup and enjoy the exquisite secret-recipe sauce served only at MIYAZAKI JAPANESE TEPPAN DINING.

With utmost care in quality, ingredients, and in every single step of food preparation, MIYAZAKI JAPANESE TEPPAN DINING is a true match of restaurants in Japan. Decked in the classic, simple Japanese style, customers will delight in their MIYAZAKI JAPANESE TEPPAN DINING experience as though enjoying Teppanyaki in Japan.

  Miyazaki Laos